Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just like the old days

Tylo, HP and I had a wonderful day today.

We finally made it out of the house around 2:30, after I got to sleep in (as HP took care of Tylo) and enjoy a hot cup of coffee (I NEVER get to have hot drinks around Tylo. Nevermind the safety issue, by the time I get to it, whatever drink I have in hand is lukewarm at best). We went and walked for two hours around Piedmont Avenue strolling through independent gift and baby shops with Tylo in the Bjorn and stopping to eat things that looked yummy (fried potato balls, pizza, frozen yogurt). Then we visited Whole Foods (I'm so in love with that store even though I can barely afford it) and got a delicious 21-day dry aged rib eye and asparagus to cook for beef and veggie day (we're still kinda on the diet), got brie for pre-dessert, and a huge carrot cupcake (a steal for $3) that I'm going to dig into in just a few minutes with some very expensive tea. I even had an entire glass of wine.

This is one of my favorite types of days. It is just like the type of day HP and I used to have pre-Tylo. Funny how it always revolves around food. I know it's no where near as exciting as the days most people have, but for me, it's just perfect. I'm a simple girl. That really likes food.

And by the way, it is totally worth paying $25 for ONE dry-aged steak. It tasted way better than most steakhouses! HP and I have mastered the way to make great steaks at home, thanks to America's Test Kitchen (love that show).

I should add that this must be a lucky day for us because we parked right in a "TOW AWAY" no parking construction zone because HP didn't read the right freakin sign when he got out of the car for the exact purpose of reading the sign and we didn't get towed!
I also got the coolest hologram bookmark that looks like the animals are moving to include in a certain person's upcoming bday card. I wish there was a way to show it here, it seriously is SO cool.

I hope there will always be days like this. Nice to know Tylo enjoyed it too.

And, here's a cute little faux magazine cover I was able to create for Tylo:


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