Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I wanted to have a fun day out today but the weather hasn't been so great and it's been wet. I can't risk getting Tylo all wet until my stroller rain cover comes in (they think of everything, don't they?) so we went for a quick walk when it stopped raining.

You can't see her Halloween outfit since she's all bundled up, but here she is, ready to face the cold:

I was excited to put her in a coat for the first time. We have several of them and it hasn't been cold enough so she will outgrow them soon. Turns out that even though it was rainy, it was pretty warm outside, so she didn't really need the coat after all.

Speaking of cute clothes, I would love a job creating them. There are some witty creative people out there. I mean, what mom can resist buying this for her baby?

I smile every time I see it. So darling. No one will even see her in it but me and HP because she only wears it to sleep. She'll get to wear it maybe four times before she outgrows it (yes, even past Halloween), but it is so worth it. Shopping for baby clothes is definitely one of my favorite motherly duties.

Here are some more pics to share since I finally uploaded a few:

She is the splitting image of her dad here (soooo not a good thing for a girl). I feel like I'm staring right at him!

Happy Halloween Everyone!


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