Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hillary, come back!

Election Day is coming up. I used to be very political, passionate about so many different issues. I was always excited to vote and read through my booklets thoroughly, making sure I made a good decision with each. But that passion kind of died with two Bush victories. I felt so defeated when no presidential candidate I ever voted for made it to office.

I was so excited for this presidential election. A huge fan of the Clintons, I was excited to see Hillary come so darn close to the nomination. That lady sure is classy. If any woman was deserving of becoming president, it was her. And I'd love to see Bill back in the White House. Now that Hillary is out of the picture I have no idea who to vote for. I can't stand Obama. He strikes me as arrogant and naive. I came THIS close to siding with the McCain camp (despite Palin), but then I remembered the Republicans and what they stand for and came back to my senses. As much as I dislike Obama, it is a much greater evil to let the Republicans have office again.

So, feeling all political, I thought I would use up these iron-on transfer thingies I have to make witty little political onesies for Tylo.

Come Back!

don't like

NO on PROP 8
and mind your own f**king business!

Get the F**K out of here!


Okay, just saw debate #2 and Obama isn't as bad as I thought. Maybe I didn't give him a chance. Makes me a feel just a bit better about our options. He's no Hillary though (and yes, he does look like the little boy from MAD comics).

Does McCain seem mechanical to anyone else? He's a funny looking stiff old man.

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