Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cabbage Soup - Day 1

Last night I excitedly bought all the groceries I needed for the first 3 days of our diet plan.
Day 1: Fruits and Cabbage Soup
Day 2: Veggies and Cabbage Soup
Day 3: Fruits and Veggies and Cabbage Soup

It took forever, but I made the Cabbage soup, which is actually a mix of many different veggies - lots of bulk. Cooked it for 3 hours. I made 2 huge pots and 1 smaller one, so I could try a curry version (not good). Bland, but edible.

It's 1 am on Day 1 (Day 2, technically) and I'm starving. I've been eating all day and I'm still starving. What does that tell you? I may not make it through the night.

I knew it would be tough, for someone like me who so savors her variety, who eats based on cravings and can't plan meals more than a day in advance because on that day, even that hour, I might feel like something different. But I did not know exactly how tough it would be.

I'm munching on a pear right now, which brings me no satisfaction. Today I've had 3 big bowls of soup, half a cantelope, half a watermelon, a bunch of grapes, a pear, an apple, a glass of juice, and now my second pear. I've peed like every 10 mins because I don't think my body is used to all the fluids.

At around 10 pm I literally got sick. My head got whoozy and nausea overwhelmed me. I feebly laid across the couch and begged my husband to get me an apple. I fought urges to vomit and quickly ate half of it. When I couldn't take it anymore, I went to bed and laid down, trying my darndest not to give in and throw up the fruit that is currently poisoning me. I managed to fall asleep for a couple of hours and then I woke to shower. Now I'm trying to stuff myself to get full (semi-satisfied) so I can make it through the night. This is totally like my second month of pregnancy, during our honeymoon in Japan where I got hungry every 20 mins and I made HP get me bland food. Miserable.

I'm not exaggerating. It really is that brutal. HP's friend sent him a text around 9:30: "I can't eat another bowl of cabbage soup". Man, that's how I feel. Who's going to give in first?

I finished my pear, still starving, and now I'm digging into the veggies I prepared for tomorrow: steamed broccoli, stir-fried broccoli, boiled carrots, sauteed spinach, sauteed tender greens. It is a depressing sea of green I tell ya. I always liked veggies and hated fruit, so maybe the worst is over? There is some light at the end of tomorrow's dark tunnel. We get to have baked potato and butter!

How is HP holding up? He is pretty sick of fruit, but otherwise great. He has no qualms about eating the same meal daily. He decided he likes the soup after tons of pepper and garlic powder is added.

I would kill for a nutty, fudgy brownie right now.

Will we make it through the week? Stay tuned . . .

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