Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hopes and Dreams

Toward the end of my pregnancy, HP and I were so excited about the unknown that was Tylo. At least once a week we would lay awake, 3 feet apart in our king bed, wondering what our little daughter would be like. Now, at 4 months, we're not any closer to the answer. Sure, we now know what she looks like, but even that seems to change each day. Her temperment is definitely demanding. She knows what she wants and puts up quite the fight until she gets it!

The dialogue was almost always the same, each and every time:

ME: I wonder what our daughter is going to be like.

HP: Yeah, me too.

ME: I hope she's smart.

HP: I hope she's good looking. It's more important that a girl is good looking.

ME: I hope she's funny.

HP: I hope she can be good at a sport. Maybe golf.

ME: I hope she's a nice person and good to her parents.

HP: Tennis is good too. Girls can make a lot of money playing tennis.

ME: I want her to be happy.

HP: Yeah, I hope she's good looking.

Geez, shallow much?


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Lisa said...

That's funny. Tony and I have the same conversation. The most important thing for him is that our kids are funny. I want them to be smart...and pretty.