Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hanging in there

It's been a tough week. Last night was the worst of it, with Tylo barely sleeping until 6 in the morning. I think I spent half the night putting her back to bed over and over again. I'm running on less sleep than the first month, because at least then I had HP to relieve me in the morning. Now, it's just me. Poor thing, I can't even get mad at her. She has no control over her little body, because her natural instinct is just to roll. She's probably just as frustrated as I am.

So far tonight seems to be better. I tried to exhaust her during the day and she went to sleep without a peep at 6:30. She woke for her 9 pm feeding and it took 2 hours to get her down again but she's been quiet for about 20 mins now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some sleep finally.

So some exciting news to share:

Let me preface by saying I never win ANYTHING from raffles or anything else where I'm picked from a drawing. NEVER. NOT A THING. It could be a drawing where there are 10 prizes for 12 people and I'll be one of the two people that leave prize-less. (Yes, that was from experience). I don't even bother with them anymore.

So I started following for baby items to covet but can't afford and they always have these giveaways. The very first time I visited, I entered a drawing for this cute little apple bib:

And, I won! My name is on the website and everything "Congrats to XXX for winning the apple bib!" How cool is that? I guess you could say that it wasn't me winning it, it was Tylo. (Even HP wins stuff when I enter him in drawings)
Needless to say I've been entering for more prizes ever since. If only I entered to get something bigger, and more expensive. =P

It came in the mail over the weekend - can't wait to give it to Tylo. She's mommy's lucky charm!


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