Saturday, March 20, 2010

How can I not post this?

It would be wrong to NOT post this. Today Tylo finally learned to pose for the camera! For a while now she's been smiling on cue, if you can call her one eye wink, tilted head, showing all her teeth face a smile, but once the camera comes out she just wants to grab at it and push the buttons. Which means we hardly ever take pictures or videos of her an more. Today I tried again and, big surprise, she actually stood still and smiled!

Here's that award-winning smile:


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Awaiting baby #2

That's right - I'm pregnant! 15 weeks to be exact. That means I'm just big enough to look like I put on weight but no one can tell why. And, unlike the first round, my belly didn't nicely pop out into an obvious baby bump. It just kinda turned flabbier, protruded more, and looks more jelly-like. Oh, how fun.

Things are looking up. The worst of the nausea seems to be over, which was way better than last time any way, thanks to some great medication prescribed by my new doctor. (The awful side effects are a different story.) I'm still exhausted all the time but a lot less than before. I actually get up to play with Tylo now, instead of letting her watch endless hours of tv while I sleep on the couch. I'm in no way back to supermom, but there's an inkling of hope that will come back one day.

And Tylo - my how she's grown! The little terror is now 21 months old. She is all over the place with her crooked walk that looks like she's going to fall any second. She's still incredibly cautious, but must be less so because it seems she's falling more than normal. Which also means a lot more tears and boo-boos than I'm used to. A few times a day I'm consoling her. Mostly because she tried to run, falls flat on her face. Or tries to climb into her chair and loses her balance.

Tylo has an incredible, fun, loving personality. She loves to semi-run toward me for a hug with arms outstretched, mouth open, smiling eyes. She picks up objects and pretends they're microphones. She imitates my silly songs, and holds her arms to her sides like a chicken and twists when she dances. She loves pretty shirts but refuses to wear hair clips in her hair (won't let me wear them either). She also has become quite attached to her current pair of shoes and cries when I try other pairs on her. What is up with that?

Sadly, her shyness has taken a turn for the worse. Whereas before she would just stare wearily at strangers, making sure they didn't come too close, now she completely shuts down, freezes her little body, and hide her face against mommy. Or turn away and try her best not to look. If they did come too close, she would burst into tears. Makes it really difficult to be social or to even think about leaving her at a daycare to make new friends while mommy gets some rest. Funny, strangers don't seem to bother her until they are paying attention to her. When we're at the mall she will get within 2 feet of other people walking around.

And the girl knows SOOO much. Things I've taught her maybe once a week ago she actually remembers. Sure, there are lots of times you can't tell what she's saying, but SHE knows. Try to correct her, and it's just the same odd sound you heard before. "Thank you" will forever be "doo-doo". "Milk" will remain "muck".

Tylo's favorite word of the moment? "Stuck". She can apply it to anything. Can't pull the toy out of the box? "Stuck". Can't reach something mommy intentionally put on a high shelf and out of reach? "Stuck". Tired of sitting in her high chair? "Stuck".

Waiting for baby #2 and being completely unprepared is interesting. We are currently looking again for our new and permanent home, hopefully before I'm due in August. I find out if it's a boy or girl April 12th. If you know me, you know I HATE HATE HATE being pregnant. So needless to say, I'm rooting for a boy so I never have to be pregnant ever again. Though it sure would be fun for Tylo to have a little sister. I have no idea yet if I'm going to get a double stroller, turn in the RX for a momvan, or how I'm going to manage two little ones at the same time. Right now I'm too busy making sure I get my rest and not neglect Tylo completely.