Monday, October 6, 2008

Job Chae, any one?

Do you have to be a good cook to be considered a SAHM? I've been trying to learn to cook since the beginning of time. My parents are in the restaurant business. I have been told I own more kitchen gadgets than most and my kitchen is overrun with garlic mincers, potato ricers, and a variety of spatulas to spread frosting or flip a whole fish. I try and I try and for the life of me I can't even make a handful of successful dishes to have a home cooked meal for my family each night of the week with one night remaining for going out or ordering in take-out (i.e. pizza), and one night to skip dinner and just eat cheese, crackers, and a lovely, 2000 calorie dessert.

So far I have been told these were semi-successful (in HP's order of "not bad" to "I'll eat it again"):
1. Quiche (but that's not really dinner, is it?)
2. Baked chicken (cheating, using Williams-Sonoma Marsala sauce, totally worth the 15 bucks)
3. Most things covered in lots of cheese (not a healthy option)
4. Garlic Pasta with Sausage and Salami (making this dish once a month has been deemed acceptable)

I should add that a lot of things I make HP will eat and I will not. I don't even like my own cooking! And I'm running out of time. Tylo starts solid foods next month and it's only a matter of time when she realizes that Mommy's food tastes worse than Gerber "turkey" jarred baby food. Please help by sending me your super successful SIMPLE dishes in detail!

In my defense, I am trying to cook healthy so usually take successful recipes and omit like half the butter and oil and that's why they don't taste good. Yep, that's my story and I'm stickin to it.

Anyway, I was semi-successful with a couple of Korean dishes I've tried recently thanks to my discovery of This super cool Korean lady has videos of her making a variety of Korean fare. With the price of Korean restaurants these days (not to mention the smell that won't quit in your dry-clean only clothes) I thought, hey, why not? I made Job Chae and Korean Pancake. The Korean pancake was okay, but I didn't have a cast iron, so though tasty, didn't get crispy enough. And I am a lover of some darn crispy Korean pancake (see photo). I will fly to Vancouver and back to get some of my beloved Korean pancake, the best you will ever taste! Also, for the life of me I could not get the dipping sauce right. The Job Chae was more successful, I was told, but it was way too much prep work for the mother of a 4 month old. I'd rather pay $13 for less in the take-out greasier version that is mighty tastier.

So, those did not make it in the Fab Five (Five dinners). Again, please help!

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Lisa said...

my favorite food site is it's photos of food compiled from various blogs and when you click on the photo, it takes you to the blog and recipe. yum!