Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Being a mom makes you no less vain

So the diet didn't work. I will worry about my weight later. Tomorrow I have a 4 pm appointment to get my first cosmetic procedure done (and I truly do mean first because I plan to get more later): mole removal.

I've always hated my moles. I know it could be a lot worse but I always felt like people weren't looking at me, they were counting my moles, or connecting them. I vowed to get them removed since I was like 14. Never really found the time or did the research.

Then four years ago, two darker, larger ones sprouted up. These suckers were awful. I wanted so bad to get them removed before my wedding day but I was told that the scars would not be worth it and then I simply ran out of time. HP said he didn't even notice them. But I know Tylo would one day get to the age where she would innocently say something like "Mommy I'm going to count the moles on your face" and by then I'll be too wrinkled to get the work done. So I made the appointment (it helps to not be working and being able to stay at home hiding from the world while I heal).

I have to be realistic. I've had at least 3 consultations and everyone tells me there will be scarring. They will be cut out and stitched. Lasers will not work because the pigment runs deep. I am prepared for the scarring. Wish me luck that nothing goes horribly wrong. No one seems to make mole removal their speciality, guess there's no money in it. If it helps, Dr. Javaheri seems to do some amazing work with boobs. Might come back to him after I'm done with baby #2.

So, since I can't make my body any more appealing, at least I can do something about my face.


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