Friday, October 10, 2008

"I'm not into working out. My philosophy: No pain, no pain."

I'm so excited I can barely contain myself. On Monday, HP and I are starting the cabbage soup diet. ( I've heard first-hand accounts that it really does work. Lose 10 lbs in a week? I'll take THREE of those please!

Seriously, I've lost weight before. It took a lot of work. A lot of chicken breast and spinach, carrot sticks and whole wheat. It was slow going, but I successfully lost 25 lbs and was in the best shape of my life (snagged HP at that time too). I worked out almost daily, and had arms even Jennifer Aniston would be jealous of. But I still had dessert! And I did it the healthy way. I didn't starve myself and still indulged in one fantastic, calorie-loaded meal a week. I also allowed myself a pretty good dessert at the end of most days.

It's probably been 15 years since I went to bed without a big dessert (unless I was high, ate an entire bag of chips, and fell asleep by accident) so I never thought I had the willpower to commit to a fad diet that had so many restrictions. But with so little time on my hands to do it the "right" way, this is probably the best thing I can do to jump start the loss of all that leftover baby weight.

I'm using this weekend to eat whatever I please so I can commit well to the diet for the 7 required days and then work on a sensible diet/exercise routine to maintain the loss. So join me (if you need it). Let's make cabbage soup together and watch the scale!

Btw, I don't eat a lot of cabbage but I heard it has a pretty awful side effect of flatulence. Let's hope I'm an exception. I don't deal well with gas . . .


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