Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hi Doctor,

My daughter may be constipated. For over a week now she's been having these small bowel movements every time she eats. I see her going but when I check there is barely any poop, just a small dry hard nub stuck between her butt cheeks. Then I gave her some prunes and she had a real nasty blow out - it was all watery and a big mess. Now she's back to the same tiny nubs again.

That was me on the phone with the doctor earlier. It didn't sound odd coming out of my mouth at the time, but I think about it now and find it hilarious that we can be that explicit when explaining our children's bowel habits, but we wouldn't be caught dead speaking of ourselves like that. I mean, who hasn't been in the same situation at one time or another? But you would never give that much detail out loud, not even to your doctor.

Poor Tylo - I gave her prunes again. Doesn't seem to be helping today.

If you're having a bad day, here are some funny faces to cheer you up:

(please ignore my seemingly nakedness - I swear I had a towel on)

And if you have a couple of minutes - see my little munchkin in action . . . and sitting on her own too!


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