Friday, January 23, 2009

"Scary Cat"

At 7 and 1/2 months old, Tylo is now a "scary cat". Let me explain . . .

Kitty, like all cats, is quite jumpy. Sometimes the tiniest noise will make her jump and go running, or fall off the couch. Sometimes she barely arches an eyebrow. Whenever she does this, HP goes, "Kitty is such a scary cat".

"Scare-DY cat", I say. "Kitty is a scare-dy cat, not a scary cat."

Now Tylo is like that. She's intensely afraid and cautious of strangers. She stares and watches their every move. And if the stranger smiles or gives eye contact, Tylo almost immediately goes into a loud mommy-save-me-now type wail.

I've always wanted one of those babies that is super friendly and will go up to anyone. I know that's not the safest, but aren't those babies so darn cute?

I took Tylo to her first baby class yesterday, where they basically just play music and sing songs as we bounce our babies in our laps and clap our hands. Tylo had this look of fear the entire time, with her little lip quivering. A few times when the decibel level went up, the tears started flowing. Poor thing. At least she wasn't the only one. And at least she wasn't the first one to cry =).

This baby class and more future play dates are a way for me to expose her to more strangers and more germs at the same time. See? Look at us, sitting on the floor!

(By the way, I fully admit to stretching out my pics lengthwise to make me look thinner, so don't worry if my baby looks thin too - she's really quite chubby!)

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