Thursday, January 8, 2009

I recognized the hair . . .

I've been having trouble sleeping lately. Driving me nuts. There is nothing that drives me more nuts than tossing and turning in bed, watching the time go by, listening to the random sounds of the night. I love staying up late, watching tv, surfing the net, cleaning the house, reconciling credit card bills, folding laundry, getting things done . . . but tossing and turning in bed listening to HP snore while trying not to wake Tylo, the lightest sleeping baby in the world? Well, nuts I tell you.

So it's 2:30 in the morning and I refuse to go to bed, even though I am too tired to do anything else for the night and there is nothing on tv. Because I don't want to toss and turn. I am running on under 5 hours a night these days. The worst part is that I can snack all night like I used to!

Could it be the dreams? Not really. They are freakishly weird, but I don't mind them that much. I won't even go into the other, weirder dreams I've been having. Let's just say some involve a Patrick Swayze horse and driving a handicap service van.

Anyway, another exciting thing about the holidays being over and the new year: the house hunting is back on, full force. We're going to find a home soon, I can feel it in my bones . . .


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