Saturday, January 24, 2009

Take it Easy People - He ain't God

Been catching up on my favorite blogs tonight, since I've had some time and HP was helping with the chores. Of course with this week's inaugauration, Obama was the hot topic of the moment. To be honest, all the talk of hope for the "Obama years" scares me a bit. It's naive, to say the least.

I was once super political and quite a lefty. I remember how excited I was to vote in my first presidential election and how defeated I felt when time after time the candidate I voted for lost. When Bush became president I was so upset I pretty much stopped watching the news all together. I could not stand the sight of him with that smirk he would give when bullsh*t came out of his mouth. I was rooting for Hilary, and I didn't mind McCain, and I do think Obama was the better candidate. So this time around I wasn't really cheering for anyone, just glad it was election time and Bush couldn't possibly be reelected. I am really so pleased that the people of this nation finally voted someone of color into the office (this is literally the first time I can say I'm proud to be an American) but is Obama really that great???

He's a smart guy and all that, and he has an effective rhythm and pause way of speaking that makes him seem all-knowing and important, but what's with all the hype on him anyway? Are we really so glad to see Bush out of office that we'll glorify anyone else? Obama just became a Senator and then started campaigning. What exactly is his track record? How effective is he at making policy and leading a nation, or leading any government body?

I'm sure he'll do fine as president, but I don't believe that any leader can take all the credit or the blame that comes from the actions of their people. We'll survive this economic crisis and the US will thrive, but will Obama deserve the credit when that day comes?

Please don't get mad at me. I am glad he's president. I think the occasion of a non-Caucasian being elected president is more significant to me than Obama the person. Just wanted to share my thoughts.


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