Friday, January 9, 2009

My little munchkin has teeth!

Tylo woke up from her morning nap today all smiles, as she usually does. (Totally my favorite part of spending the day with her). Amidst the smiles and head turns, I saw these two tiny white things sparkling from her mouth. I knew it was coming soon, and today they just appeared! Could have been a few days already, not sure - she's been in the habit of sticking out her tongue anytime her mouth is open. I had to pry her jaw open to make sure. I wish I could post a picture, but it was tough even to get her dad to see.

I can't say being a SAHM is ever boring. Repetitive, sure. But never "boring". New exciting milestones occur almost every day. She now sits pretty well propped up or on my lap, and even for a good ten seconds alone on the bed or anywhere else soft. She stands well supported too, and I'm almost sure she understands my sign language for milk (alright, I might be reaching on that one). Today someone said she's as big as his two year old neice. Really, the girl is huge. I am officially giving up the Baby Bjorn after one last stroll with her today. My shoulders are still paying for it.

Tylo's also eating like a pro. I thought she'd be picky, but she likes veggies too, just like her mom. I thought she was ready for finger foods so I went out and bought a storm, but turns out I have to wait til ten months. Darn.

I have to admit, I bought into all the organic hype. With the exception of a few early mispurchases and her formula, she's on an all-organic diet. Once I get through all the food testing and determine she has no allergies, I plan to even make my own baby food. I don't get why we have to wait a few days to introduce new foods. I mean, seriously, do you know anyone allergic to green beans? Or pears?

Not sure why I care. Maybe because all the parenting magazines make it seem like my child will die at the age of 3 if they ingest pesticides and drink from bottles with BPA (we're free of that in this household too). I am the queen of processed foods, growing up on frozen pizzas and McDonalds, and a little trans-fat never bothered me. I probably go through a pound of Splenda a month. And I turned out fine, right?

Anyway, I love the idea of cooking for my daughter for the first time, after the initial basic one-ingredient purees. I hope she learns to enjoy food as much as her parents do. And maybe, just maybe, she inherited some random gene combo that will allow her to eat as much as she wants to but never get fat.


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