Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You know you're anal when . . .

Today I was in line paying for my temporary (I hope) "fat" clothes at Old Navy when Tylo was getting frustrated sitting in her stroller waiting for me. The kind lady behind me was trying to make her smile, and she was successful. Tylo forgot she was in line forever and smiled a bit. I thanked the lady for her help.

Then, GASP, she reached out and tickled Tylo's toes.

Now, mind you, this is not the first time it has happened, someone trying to touch my baby. I have thought about making a big sign that says "It's flu season - PLEASE DON'T TOUCH" but I was worried it might seem assumptive, like everyone wants to touch my cute baby. Then I thought I would make a sign that says "Please ask before you touch", but that might not be any better.

Every parenting magazine will tell you that it is ok to protect your baby and ask people not to touch. Especially during flu season. But so many people out there just want to touch my baby! Don't they know babies put things in their mouths? Don't they know babies can't get flu shots and have more vulnerable immune systems and can't handle the germs???!!!! I tell myself every time that I would be brave enough to stop these well-intentioned people from touching Tylo. I have a great excuse after all, it's flu season. But some how I just fall dead silent as I see them reaching for her. A couple of times I managed to duck away, or hold an object in front of her to block the hands.

Today I cringed, but I didn't say anything. I am such a wimp. I let her toes get tickled and went to the car afterward to change her socks.

A few minutes after a little toddler boy, maybe 1.5 yrs old, came at Tylo's stroller and tried to reach for her birdie toy, the one that she ALWAYS HAS IN HER MOUTH. I didn't even think as I started pulling the stroller away from him, but he kept coming toward us. We were still stuck in line and I felt genuinely silly and bad because his parents are probably thinking I'm a freak or just super mean for not letting their baby touch my baby's toy. I ruined a perfectly cute baby moment and Tylo's chance of making any friends because I am a germaphobe.

He managed to get a swipe at her stroller and I wasn't sure if he touched the birdie or not. So I scrubbed down the front of the stroller with a diaper wipe and then switched out her toy (when I was out of sight of course). Can't take any chances.

Seriously, am I sick or what? He was just a freakin kid. I think I need help.


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