Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mother = Back Pain

Oh how I envy those moms that say they love their little diaper pods because all they need is a small pack of wipes, a couple of diapers, and they're off on their strolls, errands, whatever it may be. Their kids must not drool. Or spit up.

Why is it that whenever I leave the house I carry like 3 different diaper bags and a gigantic stroller with me? Ok, the stroller is because I don't think it's fair to put my baby in an uncomfortable umbrella stroller that has no padding and makes her sit upright while she naps. I like the features of my freakin heavy 30 lb stroller that I can't weave through narrow aisles with. But my back pays the price. You'd think I would have lost more weight getting that thing in and out of the car every day. But what excuse do I have for packing half her belongings each time we leave the house?

I've always been an over packer. I bring at least one extra outfit, two pairs of underwear, a few extra days worth of toiletries. I have sensitive skin so I can't use hotel stuff. I even bring snacks because there's nothing worse than not having chocolate in the middle of the night. I refuse to raid the minibar and overpay for anything.

So it's no surprise that with daughter in tow, I am now an even worse offender. I have to pack twice as many diapers as I think I need in case I change her diaper after she poops and then Tylo decides she's not done, which causes me to use more diapers than usual. I pack an extra change of clothes because she might spit up all over the place or she might have a "blowout" (for those that don't know, it's when the poop gets EVERYWHERE and literally blows out of her diaper, up her back, through the leg openings, mashing into her pants, onesie, whatever. I pack two extra pairs of socks in case they fall off or strangers touch them. I pack enough formula and bottles so that she could eat every two hours if need be, even though she eats every 3-4 hours. I pack one extra bottle on top of that in case something happens and I end up being out later than expected (even though I have spare ready-to-drink bottles in the car). I pack one bib and one burp cloth for each feeding, with one extra of each. I pack a book, a blanket, her giant spider toy, two extra backup toys in case she drops her spider toy. I have two pacifiers in case one gets dirty. Of course there are diaper wipes, tissues, antibacterial wipes and foam for me, and a washcloth just in case there's a really big mess. The changing pad is a must, and a disposable liner for public changing tables. And the biggest thing of all - her Baby Bjorn. Because she gets fussy and won't sit in her stroller and I can't carry my baby and push the stroller so I have to strap that giant baby on. Then there are separate Bjorn bibs. That sucker is a lifesaver but it takes up a diaper bag on its own!

Seriously, this is to give you an idea of what it's like if I want to go to the mall or something. If I go to grandma/grandpa's, then I add to that her infant chair and a swaddle blanket.

Why do I pack a farm? Because it's always what I didn't bring that I end up needing the most. And I hate being unprepared.

But I have a system when I'm running errands. Once I get it packed most stuff can sit in a car. I gave up carrying a purse and now carry a mini diaper bag with just one bottle, burp cloth, bib, paci, whatever. Then I go back to the car between stores, change Tylo there, and replenish. It's tougher when I can't keep going back to the car and I have two diaper bags in the gigantic stroller basket (it still isn't big enough).

So there you have it, a day in the life of a neurotic SAHM. I hope you're not as bad as I am and you manage to take your baby out without looking like you're taking a week-long vacation!


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