Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Season of Eating begins tomorrow

I love Thanksgiving!

I really really do. I LOVE Thanksgiving!

I like how my big crazy extended family gets together. We all make a ton of food, probably more than 3 times what we could possibly eat. Most of it is already cold, I hate cold food, but the newly cooked stuff was so yummy. There's the adult table and the kids table. I'm 28 years old and I have a daughter, but I'll probably still be sat at the kids' table. Can't say I mind. At least now I can have wine without my parents' watching over me. Last year I didn't have any alcohol because I was pregnant, but no one knew anyway. And then when we all proclaim how full we are and how we can't eat another bite, someone (usually me) declares it dessert time and we make sweet soup with sesame mochi dumplings and ginger. YUM. And then there's cake, homemade Chinese pastries and lately, cookies and brownies (courtesy of me).

Since I'm an "adult" now (adult in Chinese is married with baby) , I decided I should cook too, not just bake. So, I slaved away all night making pot roast and mashed potatoes. I had to cheat and make it the night before because we have to leave early tomorrow, far drive and all. We'd be lucky to get out of the house by 11. If it turns out good, I will bring it. If not, HP and I will be eating it for the next month because I made a hell of a lot of pot roast!

Funny thing, how our Thanksgivings grew. Used to be like 5 families, or 20 people. Then it was 9 or even more families. Like 40 or more people. We started inviting everyone under the sun. We'd cram into booths at my parents' restaurant, all eating at the same time but having a million different conversations, no one really listening to one another. Maybe the loudest ones are heard. This year we're all going to Sacramento to cram into my parents' new house, which I haven't seen. It will be a small, intimate Thanksgiving this year, which are my favorite Thanksgivings anyway. Just 5 families =)


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