Thursday, November 27, 2008

The perfect gift

What do people buy for their baby's first Christmas? Seriously, you already buy every article of clothing, toy, book, chair, stroller accessory, jumper, exersaucer or other thingamajig they could want or not even know they wanted. What do you get them? Do you not get them anything?

So, I came up with the idea to buy my baby girl a cute mouse doll, since she is a mouse (sounds better than RAT). As I guessed, people don't really make mouse dolls. I searched all of the internet, avoiding Mickey and Minnie along the way, and these were the top two contenders. One is more cartoony, one is more organic looking (I was leaning toward the organic one). My goal is to make this doll her go-to doll when she gets a little older, and it will be dragged along with her everywhere. I had one of those. It was Nurse Bonnie the Bear. God I loved that thing. It was so ratty it might as well have been a rat.

I really like the one below (if it had a girl version) but I can't buy it. It's simply a crochet pattern for sale that makes a mouse doll like the one below. Do you think I can pay the seller to make it? Or if I get the pattern, and miraculously learn to crochet, maybe I'll have it done in time for next Christmas. But that still doesn't solve the dilemma of what to get Tylo THIS Christmas.

Then, while online shopping today, I suddenly remembered - ETSY! They have great handmade stuff and maybe just what I'm looking for. I found this gem:

This is Margie the Mouse and it is absolutely perfect, and one of a kind. And, because I'm a sucker for sales, I ended up with a second one as HP's gift to Tylo, for half off.

Meet Libby the Cat. How cute are they? If you're interested, search Tiddlywink's shop on I am so excited!

This marks the first Black Friday that I "shopped". Ever.

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