Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Joys of Motherhood

(Tylo after bathtime)

Today was a tough day on Tylo. I dragged her to an insanely long meeting with a real estate agent to sign the listing/disclosure papers for my parent's house. Sure, she enjoyed the first hour because I think she liked our agent, but two hours later, she cried harder than I ever heard her cry because she was exhausted and the 20 minute nap she had that day wasn't cutting it. Then we had dinner at grandma and grandpa's and when we finally got home she didn't even get her relaxing bath.

So tonight instead of trying to put her to sleep early, HP and I sat on the couch, making silly faces and noises to make her laugh. She laughed so hard and loud and was so happy from all the attention. And I thought to myself - how wonderful it is to have a little person who can be so angry with you one moment and then adore you the next. She really does love us so very much, even if we do occasionally (okay, more often than that) keep her up too long.

I love her big silly toothless smile. There's nothing I wouldn't do to get it out of her. There is no greater joy than to make your daughter REALLY laugh. Makes all those no-sleep nights totally worth it.

You know what else motherhood teaches you? To appreciate your own parents so much. Makes me want to do everything I can to help my own parents. Too bad now I have a baby attached to the hip and I don't have the time to do it.

Do nice things for your parents while you have the time to put in the effort!


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