Saturday, November 15, 2008

What did we do before YouTube?

My mom told me the other day that ever since I showed my dad how to look up Tylo's videos on YouTube, he's been watching them every night to see if I posted new ones. And they ask why I haven't posted more.

That is so darn cute. Being their first grandchild, I imagine they would miss Tylo quite a bit and wishes they could see her more. Now that they're moving to Sacramento, it will be just once a month or even two before they get to see her. I used to make a weekly trip to SF to see them. Gave Tylo and I something to do and gave me some time to run errands without her if I had them. Tylo is just starting to get stranger anxiety though, and the other day my mom said she wouldn't stop crying and went from "Ma, Ma, Ma" to "Ba, Ba, Ba". It's great to pretend she was calling for HP and I, but no, those are just the noises easiest for babies to make.

So yes, YouTube saves us. Even late at night, like now, when I miss my baby girl, I pull up the YouTube videos and watch (over and over and over). I watch how much she's changed since her 1st, 2nd, 3rd month. I guess it's my dad and I that make the "times viewed" number keep going up!

For her grandparents, I will try to add more videos. To find on YouTube, just search by Tylo's first and last name.


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