Monday, November 10, 2008

Election Aftermath

This post is a bit late, but I'd like to comment on last Tuesday's election.

It's hard not to get emotional. I didn't run out and buy a newspaper the following day like many others, but I was glued to the tv and had to grab quite a few tissues when Obama was declared the victor. It was definitely an inspirational moment, and I look forward to telling my daughter all about that day. My husband asked me yesterday if I thought having a black president would change anything. Of course it does. Children, especially non-white children, will get to watch tv and see that someone of color is the president of our nation. It is going to change EVERYTHING. And I'm so glad. Because race is always in the foreground of all non-white people. We are always very aware of the fact that we are not white. We might not notice it so much living in California, but I am always reminded of my Asian skin anytime I step out of my comfort zone. Even if you're not an Obama supporter, your heartstrings probably still got tugged at a bit. Will we get universal healthcare and solve the economic crisis in the next four years? Probably not, but his victory has given new dreams to the next generation.

The next big issue was not as clear cut. I watched the polls all night for the Prop 8 results and it wasn't clear until I checked again the next morning. It passed. In fact, it passed in almost all counties outside the bay area. It looked like a fight in most counties, but in the end, I saw people on tv cheering that same-sex couples will not be allowed to marry. How can you cheer to tramp on people's rights? Why are people so adamant about controlling the lives of others? What harm can two men or two women marrying possibly have on you, on your children? No argument against gay marriage makes any sense. I remember the very rainy weekend before the election. There were so many people out on in the pouring rain carrying signs for both sides. I understand the No signs, but surprisingly the Yes sign holders were in larger numbers. Why the passion over something that is not your business?

Here is a link to an online petition to reopen Prop 8:

I'm glad Tylo isn't old enough to understand that this world still has so much to learn. I hope by the time she grows up this nation that claims to give independence and civil rights to all of its citizens actually lives up to it. I hope one day a president will actually have the nerve to speak up and give equal rights to gays and lesbians and all the in-betweens. I don't think they are even against it - they just are afraid of losing votes. It's disgusting and very sad.


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